Calling all foodies! Brace yourselves for Brala's Best - the ultimate whipped garlic spread and dip that will revolutionize the way you eat at home.


In the 1950s, when Paul Brala was a kid, his family only used powdered garlic (sad, we know). Thankfully, after joining the Navy at 19, Paul travelled to the Mediterranean during his service and finally discovered the fresh stuff - and boy, was he hooked!


From then on, his passion grew, and he started seeking out garlic sauces from all over the world. He was amazed at the variety he discovered and started testing his own recipes. He found that not only were they delicious on their own, but they added something special to his cooking.


In 2017, Paul shared his homemade garlic sauce while visiting his family (we're not sure why he was holding out on us for a whole five decades! lol). His daughter and son-in-law were blown away by the incredible taste and said, “You have to do something with this!”


Paul spent two years perfecting his recipe and testing it with anyone who would hold still long enough to try samples & answer a few questions. With all their help, the Original Brala's Best Garlic Whip was born!


Now, as a family-owned and operated food startup, we get to share Paul’s Garlic Whip with all our fans. Brala's Best is not just a spread and dip - it’s the missing ingredient that turns ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary experiences. Use it to make an incredible fast garlic bread, dip your favorite veggies & chips, or use it as a meat rub - you really can't go wrong.


So why settle for average food when you can Make Meals Magic with Brala's Best?


Your taste buds deserve it!

Paul, Claire & the Brala's Best Family